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Community owner & host
Salutations all & welcome to!
This website was created to bring communities of gamers together and get them setup with their own gaming server. This website also helps people find the role of server administration if that's the role the individual is looking for! There are more than enough placements for everyone to join on behalf of Snowden, Vanity or any other group/clan associated with V-Bit.
Host your own gameserver today!
Host your own game server for an extra nothing! EnemyServers are dedicated to helping gamers create their own gaming experience for as cheap as possible whilst still being amazing for value with ddos protected servers, 99.9% uptime, fast upload/download, instant game mode setups e.g darkrp for garry's mod, instant game server setup and many many more benefits for a great price! EnemyServers offer a fast & simple to use billing system to get you setup with what you want as fast as possible with no strings attached.
Staff Positions
Looking to apply for a staff position? Follow this thread to learn more!